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About us

About us

Welcome to TEKH20

Like many small businesses, we started TEKH20 to support an industry that is underserviced. . . the home office developer and inventor. Coming from a large manufacturing facility, a small customer was always quoted the worse lead-times and the highest cost. Why? Because the profit is non existing and the volumes are low. Many great designs come across the table on paper, but the amount of engineering work needed to create a presentable package can be overwhelming for many.


At TEKH20, our mission is to provide our customers with acceptable value in manufacturing through clear communication, continuous improvement and best quality. We facilitate the manufacturing process of milling and waterjet cutting by keeping our manufacturing processes internal, we offer our customers greater value for their budget. Our waterjet offers a large cutting footprint that allows the customers largest project to be accommodated.


With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, our team can guide you and your project towards the path that will satisfy your or your customer’s requirements.