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Waterjet Services

Waterjet Services

Why use Tekh20 Waterjet Machining Service?

Waterjet cutting is one of the fastest-growing machining processes. When you rely on Tekh20 Waterjet Machining Service, you can count on the expertise of abrasive waterjet cutting experts using an on-demand system for your manufacturing needs. Here are some benefits of using the Tekh20 Waterjet Machining Service.

Wide Range of Materials

The waterjet machining service at Tekh20 can handle just about any material you can think of, whether it’s hard, soft, thick, thin, flexible, or brittle. Some examples of materials are cement, granite, marble, tile, wood, glass, fiberglass, acrylics, ceramics, foams, rubbers, honeycombs, and even exotics like Kevlar, Mylar, Polyethylene, and laminates.

Quality Finish

There’s no comparison to the quality finish you’ll get from waterjet machining. It’s a smoother and more sandblasted look compared to plasma cut, laser cutting, and saw cut. You’ll save in unnecessary finishing costs and you won’t have burnt edges, burrs, or chips.

Precision and Speed

The maximum speed per material type and thickness is always optimized since waterjet typically employs fast programming and set-ups. Scrap and unused material are minimized and cuts are detailed and precise.

No Negative Effects from Heat

With waterjet, you don’t have to worry about materials becoming chemically altered due to heat. There is no burning with toxins released into the atmosphere and there is no discoloration from heat. Materials keep their natural characteristics.

Comprehensive CAD Programming

Waterjet software is needed to program the cutting machine. By using a comprehensive CAD program, the end product comes out the way the designer imagined it. Flawless programming leads to flawless cutting.

Environmentally Friendly

There’s no hazardous waste with waterjet cutting. Since natural materials such as garnet and water are used, no toxic fumes are released. Residual waste can be disposed of responsibly in municipal or public sites. Ready to get started working with Tekh20? Give us a call today.