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Design & Engineering

Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering

Ready to explore new product possibilities? When you partner with Tekh20, you can count on us for the technical depth and creative vision you need starting from the initial concept sketch right through to the finish line. We can also provide production support and in-house manufacturing expertise.

Expertise in Design and Engineering

The combined expertise of our team includes mechanical and electrical engineering as well as industrial design. We apply our expertise to product development that includes:

How Our Process Works

Our process is focused and highly collaborative starting with early conception and moving onto product development and continuing support. Team members are respected professionals that work with you through all phases of the design lifecycle. We work closely with your research and development team while providing unique and innovative ideas. We will help you make your product the best it can be from start to finish.
If you’re looking for a firm with strong engineering knowledge that offers cutting-edge product solutions, get in touch with Tekh20 today.